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“Dentist Dr Amiri is very caring and professional and staff is accommodating . The office is very clean and has the latest technology which is pretty impressive . He could show a three D image of my tooth as he discussed my treatment . I recommend this office highly.”

Star B.

“Well I called to make an appointment. I spoke with Jessica which is so awesome. I explained her I'm off on Fridays and Saturdays.She said well good luck we have an appointment Friday. She then explained to me if there was any issues with my insurance she would call me. She kept her word she called me we spoke. I called my insurance they gave me instructions on what to tell Jessica.
I then call Jessica back and she got the ball rolling without hesitation. I said wow Jessica is really awesome. OK, when I get there let me see what's going on with this lady because no one's that awesome. I got there she prove me wrong she was even more patient and answered every question and was so kind.
The dentist came in I gave him a little history of why I neglecting myself. I told him my son had passed couple years ago and I just gave up. He said he was sorry. You don't get that from too many people especially men. It just melted my heart. He explained to me everything I needed to be have done. I didn't feel pressured or felt like oh they're out for money here. I do feel bad at a lot of other dentist but not here! I didn't feel that it was all about how much he could make off my mouth! I felt they were genuinely concerned about getting my my work done.I asked tons of question and he answered them! It wasn't just like OK it's your choice what do you want to do? He was so kind and I do mean my mouth is destroyed. I just appreciate Jessica and the dentist kindness, you know and I really appreciate them.
It really brought tears to my eyes and I know this Dentist along with Jessica will be so gentle when I'm able to get the money to go and have the work done. I will be back so I'm taking overtime on the time anytime I can get so I can make my payment and get this work done because my mouth is yeah lotta things going on. I just think God for Jessica and the dentist. If you guys want a good dentist I recommend here. Asks for Hessuca the card is listed below. . And then get the ball rolling but I highly recommend this place is so clean!!!!
She continue to clean she just made me feel very comfortable!!!! I really like this place I'm getting ready to work and do what I Gotta do so I can get this done thank you guys for reading.”

Yvette F.

“This is my second review and it's testament to the great quality and services they provide. No hidden fees or charges. Everything is explained to you and is authorized only by you. They also work with you if you need to setup payment plans. I will continue to bring my family as they treat us like family.”

Anwar M.

“Dr. Amiri and his staff are amazing. After I had my daughter my gums were so inflamed I was scared I wasn't going to have teeth. After cleanings, laser treatments, crowns, and fillings my gums are on their way back to healthy. Dr. Amiri is honest and will let you know upfront what your best options are. I failed to keep some appointments and my gums suffered the price. However, I'm back on my treatment plans and it's amazing how following doctor orders you can turn it all around. I would recommend if you want to know the truth and if you want satisfactory results try this office. Some procedures aren't covered by insurance but you have to evaluate the benefits of your out of pocket payments. I definitely recommend this office. Get your smiles back”


“Just left a review on Google a few hours ago but wanted to make sure I was thorough across social platforms. This place is FANTASTIC. I went in last week with my older brother for his cleaning appointment and decided to inquire about the cost for a consultation. Not only are they affordable if you, like me, do not have dental insurance, they were also able to book my appointment super fast. I got seen today and I was super nervous since I havent seen a dentist in over 4 years but the staff were extremely nice and very upfront about the cost i will definitely be seeing them from now on!”

Lauren M.

“Dr. Amiri is a wonderful dentist. I have been going to him for dental services for well over 5 years now.”

Kimberly J.

“I love my dentist, Dr. Hamid Amiri who always has a big smile on his face when I come in.
His office staff is the best too! Warm, welcoming and so easy to deal with.
With my past poor dental hygiene (true confessions) I've seen a lot of this office and its a great place for services and cleaning. The nitrous is plenty fine too. (Tried it only once.)
They accept Delta Dental and Care Credit so there is less ouch in the financial piece.
Parking is always easy and there's coffee on in the mornings and who doesn't need more caffeine?”

Annette S.

“Wonderful friendly staff and an amazing dentist and hygienist. I always feel at ease while Dr. Amiri works on my teeth, he always asks if you are doing okay. The hygienist Selam always leaves my mouth feeling so clean. I highly recommend Oakland Smile Dental. The caring staff make the visits worthwhile.”

Eraina P.

“Amazing dental office . I definitely will be continuing to go to Oakland smile dental. The staff is very friendly and respectful. Best dentist in Oakland!”

Amykah Wiggins

As a 13 year old child,I hate going to the dentist,but Oakland Smile Dental have great friendly staff and it wonderful dentist staff helps the experience like braces or even having cavities less painful and agonizing .The staff is very proficient and very concerned with the patient wellbeing. Every time I go in they ask me about my day my well-being and etc. They make me want to take better care of my teeth. They also made me very intrigued of becoming a dentist or in that line of work.”

Kamaya J

“I love coming to see Dr. Amiri. He is always helpful and is also gentle. The staff is also great and mindful of my time. Would highly recommend.”

Cindy Sabrina

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