Bridge Those Gaps Between Teeth With a Dental Bridge

Bridge Those Gaps Between Teeth With a Dental Bridge

Posted by Oakland Smile Dental Nov 21, 2023

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Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about the gaps in your teeth? Do you find it difficult to speak or chew properly because of missing teeth? If so, a dental bridge might be just the solution you need. A dental bridge is a restorative procedure that can fill in those unsightly spaces and improve both the appearance and functionality of your smile.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a custom-made appliance that can replace one or more missing teeth. It consists of two crowns placed on the natural teeth on either side of the gap, with an artificial tooth (or teeth) in between. These artificial teeth, known as pontics, are made from various materials like porcelain, metal alloy, or a combination of both.

The Procedure

The procedure for getting a dental bridge is a straightforward process that typically requires two visits to your dentist. During the first visit, the dentist will prepare the teeth on either side of the gap by removing a small amount of enamel. This is necessary to make room for the dental crowns that will anchor the bridge in place.

Next, impressions of your teeth are taken and sent to a dental lab, where your custom-made bridge will be created. In the meantime, you may be fitted with a temporary bridge to protect your exposed teeth. Once your permanent bridge is ready, you'll return for your second visit. The dentist will remove the temporary bridge and then carefully place and adjust the new one. They will ensure it fits properly and comfortably before cementing it into place.

With proper care and maintenance, a dental bridge can last many years, providing you with improved aesthetics and functionality in your smile!

Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about the gaps in your smile? A dental bridge might be the solution you've been looking for! Not only can it restore your confident smile, but it also offers several other benefits.

  • A dental bridge helps to improve your oral health. When there are gaps between teeth, adjacent teeth tend to shift and tilt toward the empty spaces. This misalignment can lead to bite problems and even jaw pain. By filling in those gaps with a dental bridge, you can prevent these issues from occurring and maintain proper alignment.
  • A dental bridge allows for improved speech and chewing ability. Gaps in your teeth can affect how you speak and make it difficult to chew certain foods. With a dental bridge in place, you'll have restored functionality that allows for clear speech and efficient chewing.
  • Getting a dental bridge enhances the appearance of your smile by filling in those unsightly spaces between teeth. It's incredible how much more confident we feel when our smiles look complete!
  • Unlike removable dentures or implants that require surgery, getting a dental bridge is relatively non-invasive. The procedure is straightforward and typically completed within just a few visits to your dentist.

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